Who I Am, What I’m Into


If you wanna find out what kinda dude I am, what I’m offering, & what I’m into, then check out this video.

I like all sorts, but I love to be the sweet Dom Daddy for ‘boys’ of any age. Your inner boy is embraced here, I got you. I got some steamy ideas to heal those Daddy issues, too. But, we’ll get to that in a moment.

first, you should also know that I am a highly trained sacred intimate and somatic sex & intimacy coach. So you’re bound to learn something in the lovin. I love me some Transformational eroticism.

With advanced education & training including a masters in psychology, I will never stop learning in relevant realms. 

I got hella insights from more sex-positive & progressive cultures from decades of life & travels abroad. Plus some really interesting stories.

I’m into all sorts of sexy fun, from passionate, romantic, spiritual, nasty, raunchy, BDSM, & more – across ages & bodytypes.

Life has only expanded my tastes and boundaries beyond what most my boys want anyway. Oral, anal, role play, really hot verbal. Check out my profile for most of the stuff I am INTO, but dont be afraid to ask as there are plenty unlisted.

Rest assured, I’m not going to waste your time if your scene isn’t something that I can do with authentic desire. I won’t settle for any less, and neither should you.

Authentic desire is the foundation of a hot scene, right? Its a requirement! I know a boy wants to hear and feel his Daddy’s desire!  And I want to feel it too.

I’ve heard it all, boy. I’m usually quite down for most fun & never – NEVER – judge. I said: I don’t judge, Judy. MK?!

I will never yuck your yum, even if it aint my flavor. As a highly trained sex coach I understand the mysteries of the erotic mind so even the most unusual or extreme desires, even the few outside my boundaries, I can understand and respect.

I can help you understand & accept them, and turn up them turn ons like a bruthafukka. Without shame in a safe, sane, ethical, and super hot way. The whole, real you is welcome here.

Your needs and boundaries are top priority to me. I am very clear and respectful about my very few boundaries. Good luck finding one tho haha! We can clarify all that in our phone call so there aint no disappointing surprises when we meet.

When we talk, ask me about my risk free satisfaction guarantee. Who else does that?!? Just me. That may be hard to believe but I am dead serious.

You’ll know I’m serious when you read or hear about my very reasonable conditions and explanation as to what that entails. Get a head start by reading all about it at intimateabundance.com/rm.

And don’t miss all my pics & videos in my profile & soon on my twitter, plus the interview on my profile, and my website to find coaching possibilities.

When you’re ready, the next step is to book a free call with me at intimateabundance.com/rm. We can get a acquainted, discuss all the details, & answer all the questions to help you decide your next step. I look forward to meeting you!