Hello and welcome! I’m Nick. I appreciate your visit and I’m excited to share my work that has helped many people and may be able to help you. From a broad range of skills, my approach is tailored to individual needs and often includes one or more of the following roles:
  • Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach
  • Sexual Healer & Educator
  • Social & Relational Skills Teacher
  • Embodied Erotic Mentor
Somatic sex and intimacy coaching is a powerful way to transform and grow through embodied experiences. This body-based, experiential learning fosters sexual, social, & emotional intelligence, confidence, and comfort within yourself. All of which nurtures a healthy, aware, and enlightened relationship with your authentic sexual self. It fosters healthy behaviors and skills and overcomes barriers that block us from the sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy we desire and deserve.
I am passionate about sharing wisdom, confidence, practice, and behavior that can help others create the lives of their dreams. This can include addressing a wide range of issues. It often means conquering our culture’s shame and fear about sex and love to create a life full of pleasure, connection, and authenticity. This starts with finding and living your true self — in gender, sexuality, and the types of relationship(s) that work for you. It continues with learning and practicing skills that will attract and create your ideal life.
We humans are delightfully diverse in our sexual desires, expressions, and identities. This often changes as we experience and grow through life. Most of us don’t fit neatly into the rigid categories that society expects. If we just fake it, then we live inauthentically in the process. When we live a life that isn’t congruent with our true selves, we become wounded with shame and guilt about who we really are. When we become self-aware and foster self-acceptance and love, then we can work towards living authentically to pursue the life of our dreams.
In our work together, we’ll focus on your specific needs. This can include addressing negative cultural messages and beliefs that are causing distress or dysfunction. We can practice clear and respectful empowered communication that fosters fulfillment for you and your partner(s). We can build confidence and skills that lead to a healthier and more pleasurable sex life and the relationship(s) right for you. We can explore and sample the expansive possibilities and see what fits for YOU.
To find out more about me and what I can do for you, peruse the various pages of my website via the menu. Then contact me to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation for information specific to your situation.