Instructions To Schedule A Call

Thank you for taking the time to schedule a call.

NOTE: If you need to talk within the next 4 hours (e.g. looking for service soon), please call/text +1-415-891-1919 although I am not always available for immediate response. If less urgent than that, please follow the following instructions to schedule a call via my scheduler. It’s far easier to find a workable time for both of us through the scheduler than via texting.

ALSO: If you’re looking to meet me outside the San Francisco Bay Area please first read Thanks!

To access my call scheduler, please read the following very carefully.

  1. In the scheduler, you will need to enter a name, phone number, & email address to book a call.
  2. Only the phone number must be real, but
  3. PLEASE: ONLY enter text/name/email that is DISCRETE, G-RATED, NON-SEXUAL, NON-SUGGESTIVE, NO REFERENCE TO RENTMEN. I do not want my scheduling service cancelled.*
  4. Keep reading to get the password you will need to access this link to the scheduler.
  5. To confirm that you understand these instructions, the password is the kind of text you will input in the scheduler (copy/paste): DISCRETE

If this is unclear or you have any questions please contact me.


*Thanks to our sex-negative culture & SESTA/FOSTA, websites (like my call scheduler) have been known to overreact to even mildly sexually suggestive input by irrevocably cancelling service.