What Sets Me Apart


Wondering what sets me apart from all the rest? Well let me tell you in this video.

I see all the hotties you scrolled past to get to my profile, so thanks for picking me.

First and foremost I’m a professional. In that I choose this and treat this work not just as some job, but as a profession to be professional. In the profession of passion.

Some pornstars can have a pretty bad relationship to this work. Like any profession, many just do the minimum possible to get paid. Others are simply too immature, self-centered, lazy, or inexperienced to provide quality service. And none of them have the relevant advanced education & training that I have to elevate our experience.

I have found my passion in life and it is to bring the healing power of pleasure to the world. Its my passion to validate and care for my boys in the best & hottest way they deserve.

I dont know if you noticed, but we live in a fucked up, sex negative, shame riddled culture. I call bullshit to that. The antidote to all that shit is transformational epic eroticism that brings pleasure, validation, & erotic empowerment to my queer little bros. And a few squeals from my nasty lil pigs.

The toxic masculine homophobic culture we live in gives most of us Daddy issues of some sort or another. I’ve been blessed to have the rare father who cared for me so well, it allowed me grow into the sweet dominant Daddy I’ve become. All while continuing to embrace my playfully pervy inner boy.

My sexytime skills surpass the rest because I am a highly trained sex and relationship coach to up your ante and our experience.

I am a life long learner with a masters degree in psychology and advanced relevant trainings. I’m inspired by more than 5 years living and traveling abroad including many more sex-positive cultures across 60 some countries. I will never stop continuing to improve myself & experiences I co create with others.

Top notch sexy scenes are my number one priority and I can do that because I have skills, self awareness, horniness, and genuine care. Confidence, presence, & warmth. I have developed exceptional erotic and communication skills and know how to find your turn ons to turn them up.

You WILL feel my authentic desire, rest assured that my few boundaries were already clarified upfront. Plus, I got hella hot verbal skills if you like. I done learned how to fuck.

I even guarantee your satisfaction. Who else does that? You’ll see I’m dead serious when you understand my very reasonable conditions I’ll be happy to clarify with you.

Your next step is to book a free phone call. I want to hear all about your scene and help you choose wisely. If I cant do it with authentic desire I wont waste your time. Guaranteed.

Book your free call now. intimateabundance.com/rm.

Looking forward to meeting you.