How We Work

I know this work can be very vulnerable and scary for many people, so I commend your courage for reclaiming your right to erotic empowerment. Let’s start easy with a free, brief telephone or zoom consultation to get acquainted so you can learn more about who I am and what I can offer for your situation. I can also answer any questions to help you assess if I’m the right fit for you.
For in-person appointments, my first priority is to get you comfortable, centered, and connected to your body as your guide to creating the life of your dreams. In a safe space, you’ll explore, grow, enjoy, and overcome obstacles to erotic authenticity. My approach is playful and explorative without judgement.
We can work to find and foster the intimacy that is right for you, across a broad range of issues. This may include candid conversations, but part of our work will be hands-on experiential. We can’t learn how to play an instrument by just reading and talking about it. The same goes for emotional and physical intimacy. You will learn skills through interactive practice with embodied experiences to impart ease and confidence. 
Confidential sessions start at 1 hour but can be increased in 30 minute increments. Depending on the work, sessions longer than 1 hour may be needed.  Skype and telephone appointments are also available.
To schedule a free, brief, phone or zoom consultation to learn more about my approach for your goals, contact me.