How We Work

I understand that this kind of work can be scary and intimidating for many people. That’s why my first priority is to help you relax and find comfort as your friendly fellow human at your side helping to improve your life, in a playful, explorative way without judgement nor expectations. I create a safe space for you to explore, grow, enjoy, and overcome any obstacles limiting your authentic self. We can work together to find and develop the intimacy and connection that is right for you. This can include candid discussions and learning about sex, relationships, communication, and intimacy, as well as discussing your history and patterns as appropriate.
Part of our work will be experiential. We can’t learn how to play an instrument by just reading and talking about it. The same goes for emotional and physical intimacy. You will learn skills through interactive practice with embodied experiences which will impart a deeper sense of ease and confidence. Practice does make perfect, although it’s important to embrace and love our imperfections as well. You will observe and practice optimal responses to anxiety, nervousness, inhibition, pressure and shame.
Our work is strictly confidential with the standard exceptions that require reporting instances of suspected child, dependent adult, or elder abuse, or upon determination that a client presents a serious danger of physical violence to themselves or others (this does not include consensual BDSM acts of course).
Sessions start at 1 hour in length, and length can be increased at 15 minute increments. Depending on the work, sessions longer than 1 hour may be needed. Sessions are typically anywhere between 60 to 120 minutes. Skype and telephone appointments are also available, which can be arranged for smaller timeframes if needed.