I help people with a wide range of issues across sex & intimacy, social skills, and kink/bdsm (detailed further). I enthusiastically enjoy clients of all shapes, ages, sizes, genders, identities, abilities, and races with a shared life experience with other gay/bi-/queer men. The following are the most common issues in my practice, but you’re invited to get all of your questions answered and learn more about my experience and approach for your goals by scheduling a free phone consultation.

Sex & Intimacy

The sexual shame and misinformation of our culture afflicts us all at some level. This can block us from our authentic sexuality and our right to pursue our true desires. Unfulfilled, this can leave us frustrated and miserable with a myriad of dysfunctions and difficulties. Some of the more common issues we can address include the following:
  • Sexual health, sex technique, and practices: Open, honest, accurate, and non-judgmental sex-positive education that is based on pleasure and science rather than dogma and shame. We’ll identify and overcome cultural biases and miseducation that prevents fulfilling intimacy.
  • Experiential Learning: Practice hands-on skills in touch and communication to arouse passion and desire. Improve your ability to physically and mentally connect with, stimulate, and excite yourself and others across a broad range of skills. 
  • Sexual Dysfunctions and Difficulties: We can address trauma, anxiety, lack of sexual desire or confidence, phobias, low arousal, erectile dysfunction, condom fatigue, painful intercourse, challenges to orgasm, lackluster sex, inexperience, and more.
  • Desires:  We can find your desires and uproot shame to create a life of self-acceptance, confidence, and know-how to create the intimacy that you deserve. 
  • Communication & Negotiation:  Learn effective communication with others. 
  • Shame and Sex-Negativity:  Our society is afflicted with an overarching negative regard for sex and sexuality (aka Sex-Negativity). This instills shame in all of us to some degree, and hiding our authentic sexuality is often our coping mechanism. But this leaves us disconnected and isolated, which leads to loneliness and depression. We can uproot the shame that impedes intimacy.
  • Consent & Boundaries:  Learn sexy ways to communicate about and respect consent and boundaries.


I can help identify habits and behavior that can limit your success in dating or existing relationships. This can include real time feedback on how you may be perceived. I can also work with you on:
  • Knowing yourself and your desires
  • Social Skills Relating to Others such as
    • Flirting – This can include accompanied field trips to local events to practice your flirting skills and social approaches.
    • Conversational and relational skills
    • Humor, charm, and confidence
  • Negotiating and creating alternative relationship structures such as poly or open relationships
  • Deepening intimacy through vulnerability
  • Navigating differences in sexual desires
  • Impress and attract with impactful, meaningful conversations



I welcome your curiosity and interests to create an open and nonjudgmental place to explore and experience kink such as:
  • Learning about and understanding your kinks and fetishes.
  • Dominance and submission
  • Playing with power dynamics
  • Skills building
  • Various gear, toys, and implements to play with sensation, anticipation, and tension
  • Role play and crafting a scene
  • Leather, fisting, fluids, and more