Nervous? Newbie? First Timer?

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If you’re nervous, newbie, or even a first timer, this video is for you.

Ima take good care of you, boy. It’s totally normal to be nervous in this process, especially if its your first time. 

I got very nervous the first few times, myself! I wanna commend your courage for facing fear to go for it in life, good boy!

“A life limited by fear is my greatast fear” so good for you. Now let me help you cool down before we get all hot n heavey.

If you’re nervous when we meet, I got you boy, let’s pause & let me hold you tight.

Follow my breath  while I rub your head & back. There we go. The real you is safe & welcome here –

no judgment, no shame, no expectations from me.

Breathe with me, boy.

This is not a performance, this is playtime, so let’s explore like kids in our horny adult bodies.

We only have one goal, sexy boy, and that’s to feel good. If it don’t feel good let’s just say so and find something that does feel good. No explanation needed.

I may suggest we start with a 10 minute guided breath exercise to relax us & get us out of our heads and into our bodies.

Thats where all the fun is, studpup! In the body! It will make our entire time together so much better. I highly recommend it.

If you think about it: nervousness and excitement can feel quite similar in the body, so try to reinterpret that nervousness as excitement.

Isn’t it exciting the mystery & anticipation of fulfilling some long held really hot desires & fantasies? Isnt it exciting to think about the sexy possibilities? The steamy mystery about to unfold?

I’ve been in your shoes hiring pornstars for scenes of my own.

Through that I realized some of that anxiety came from not really knowing who was I was gonna meet.

You Cant really tell from just from pics and profiles whos gonna appear behind that door and demand your time and money.

Sometimes I was delighted and some times I was disappointed. You may have had the same experience.

Which, by the way, I can help with your selection process if we meet. I have advanced education & experience in employee selection. Seriously. Ask me all about it.

Anyways – I noticed that the less I knew about the pornstar coming, the more anxiety I had about meeting them.

The more I knew about them the more excitement I had about meeting them, with less anxiety.

The more I could read, see, and watch about them, the better.

The more clear & authentic it all feltfelt, the better. But the best was when I got a sample of how we interact in a direct 1 on 1 conversation, even if just on the phone.

This is why I provide so much you can read on my profile, in my interview responses, on my website.

This is why I have so many pics and videos. This is why the next step is a free private phone call to connect one on one and give us both a better sense of how we vibe.

We can get clear on details, desires, and my legit no-risk satisfaction guarantee which will assure you that everything is gonna be okay, even if things go awry, so check out the details on my website or in my separate video about that.

I got plenty of ideas to get us into a super hot groove and I know you do too, so let’s get on the phone & talk dirty.

But take a long deep relaxing breath and book a call at I look forward to meeting ya, studboy.