Satisfaction Guaranteed

I know choosing a provider can be a daunting task. Its hard to predict chemistry before meeting face-to-face. I am confident in the exceptional service I provide so I can extend a risk-free satisfaction guarantee* only to clients who oblige ALL of the following: 

  1. We MUST have a brief voice telephone conversation before meeting to clarify the requirements of the scene and what I can and cannot guarantee. This must be a phone call (not text message). NOTE: I can only guarantee what we agree to in this phone conversation, not new requests during the session.
  2. My fee in cash is left in an obvious place for verification upon arrival. Minimum fee is to be discussed, and 15 minute increments can be added.
  3. As a coach, I can be hired to help with specific issues. However it is up to you to do the work to see the results.
  4. As a pornstar, I can be legally hired for auditioning and filming adult scenes. Unless you prepare and propose a royalty agreement for filming and we sign it in agreement, it is assumed that you are hiring me for a specific time for an (unfilmed) audition.
  5. Requesting to hire for sex is requesting prostitution which is illegal and will be ignored. I look forward to hearing about the adult scene you have in mind.
  6. I am open to scenes as described in my RM profile and I’m very sex-positive and open-minded to more options so please ask. Non-judgmental respect and confidentiality is assured**.
  7. Upon arrival you are invited to check for compatibility, skills, or any requirements. If you find me unsuitable within our first 5 or so minutes then the fee will be refunded*, no questions asked.
  8. During our remaining time together, if you are dissatisfied at any point then you agree to tell me so I can attempt to rectify the situation. Otherwise it is safe to assume you are satisfied. If I am unable to remedy the situation in a reasonable time/attempts then you can stop the scene for a refund. I cannot guarantee satisfaction for newly requested activities in session (only those agreed to in our phone call), nor for factors outside of my control.
  9. All refunds must be requested in session (not after), and I must be given reasonable opportunity to rectify the situation.
  10. We both don’t want to be taken advantage of and blatant misuse of this offer for a free ride will not be honored.
  11. This satisfaction guarantee applies only if all of these conditions are met. Thank you for your cooperation!

* My fee can be returned but I cannot refund any previously agreed upon separate transit or accommodation charges incurred.

** I am non-judgmental and sex-positive and respect privacy and confidentiality (even taboo stuff) – except for gnarly illegal stuff that hurts others non-consensually (e.g. true rape or minors). I have a moral obligation to report that shit.