Freaky Fantasies & Flawless Groups


Whatever your group sex fantasy – a 3-way, orgy, gang bang, or pump and dump scene, I am your experienced planner, creative director, host, & co-star & bring your fantasies to life in a seamless, super hot way.

I am your attuned & experienced purveyor of fine fantasies. Even if you’re a newbie, nervous, or think you cant afford it, keep watching.

I’m about to reveal my foolproof steps to the flawless fuckfest of your horniest fantasies. Plus a free gift just for you. More about that later.

Did you know that 95% of dudes have had a group sex fantasy at least once in their lives?

It’s perfectly natural and when done right, can be hot AF. But of course it can be complicated with high risk of boner-busting pitfalls.

Lucky you, I’ve already worked out the kinks and I can show you the way.

Why settle for wanking to orgy porn, when we can create something much hotter? Why stress about a 3 way becoming unbalanced & blowing up in jealousy, when I got the tools to get you prepared?

Why lay in the sauna’s sling all night alone when I can catalyze a chain reaction of dynamo dick drill-n-fill – the gang bang of your wettest dreams? Maybe you want to be my bitch so I can share your holes? Or I can be yours?

These are just some of the ways I am your accomplished co-conspirator, host, director, and/or co-star as a top, bottom, or vers for all kinds of smoking hot group sex scenes. How do I do it?

Well, the first step is planning and we’ll get specific. What about this scene makes it hot for you? I can help you understand what underlies your arousal and show you how we can turn up those turn-ons in this scene & in your life.

Is it hot verbal? Do you like to feel used or dirty or degraded as the bottom? Or maybe you like to feel adored & special to be the center of attention?

Or maybe you like to feel powerful owning and sharing my holes with whoever you like?

What about your turn offs – your boundaries & limits & a plan to prevent them & how to redirect with repair if another participant makes a missstep – midscene.

This is just a small sample of the conversation we would have in the planning process to nail down what nails you down.

It’s normal to be nervous & trepidatious with this kind of scene.

Because more people can mean more hiccups if you don’t know what your doing, and you don’t know how to manage the scene. That’s what I’m here for, to manage your scene, & I’ve done it all before.

In our planning, I’ll share potential pitfalls from my own personal experience. I’d also address any of your questions & concerns so we can formulate a plan for handling any mishaps that may occur.

This would include strategies around consent, communication, safe words, and how we, as a team, can redirect activities midscene to accommodate your desires, capacities, & boundaries.

I can coach you for confidence, charisma, communication, & carnal capabilities to prep you for this adventure and beyond.

Once we are clear on the vision, plan, & strategies the next step is to consider the setting. Public? Private? Your place? Hotel? Park? The Beach? Sex club? Sex party? Video arcade?

We can discuss the pros and cons of each to adjust our approach.

The 3rd step is to plan the participants. Is it a 3 way or more? Does it include a current partner or lovers?

As a highly trained sex & relationship coach I can help you prepare for the potential hiccups such as jealousy and making sure everyone feels included and blissed the fuck OUT!

My masters degree in psychology includes employee selection & I have alot of marketing, communication, & photography skills to attract & select the hottest studs from this website, the apps, or the community.  I can charm & seduce even passersby to volunteer, and show you how it’s done.

During the scene, I can turn-on, disinhibit, and empower ALL of us for the horniest time. I can host while topping, bottoming, fluffing, even filming if you like.

I can preload your hole hella hornystyle to beckon & harden other studs while boasting “fuck bro, so gooey in here, load up this sweet cumhole, dude!”

I can refresh your hole between man rammers with a soothing rim job ass slurp. I can keep you hydrated & manage the entry and prioritize your tops so you can focus on the one thing you were born to do: milking many nuts with your studly butt.

As a bottom, I can be your pussy boy, SIR, serving up my stud milking cum hole to whoever my Daddy likes.

Or maybe you want me as a fellow stud-bro fucking & sucking along side & with you.

Whatever my role is, we can make it the hottest group sex scene possible. And leave you with skills for more.

Before we get to the last step & your free gift, I’d like to ask you to rate this video as hot as you find this idea. 5 chocolate stars?

Thought so. Thanks. It helps alot. Feel free to rate my other pics & videos too, if you like.

Now you’re next step & gift from me is a free phone call consultation to share your fantasy with me, get my thoughts & experienced advice, & my approach for bringing your fantasy to life.

The best way to do that is to book a call at

If that doesn’t work for you, send me an email or text using the contact details on that website or this website.

I look forward to making your dreams come true, naughty boy.