Natureboyone (RM)

[Jake fka] Nick brings along a unique combination of skills and techniques, humor and affection to the table. While he’s a sweet dominant Daddy, he is also connected to his fun boy energy.

Since he’s tuned into his own sexuality, it’s easy for him to bring that out in other people. He understands how to create a secure cocoon for a person to feel comfortable with him. He is proficient at being intimate, honest and genuine, while respecting healthy boundaries.

I loved being around his joyful life energy. Sweet, sexy, authentic, confident, skilled, and sincere.

He’s confident, very present, and warm. He’s intelligent & intuitive and brings along little gems of advice and wisdom. He brings along a mix of fun and adventure, warmth and sensitivity, bountiful physicality, and quiet comfort, as well as great music to fit the ambiance.

He knows how to facilitate ways of getting out of your head and into your body.

I had a wonderful overnight session with him last week, and made sure to book out three overnight sessions with him for the coming months.

[Jake fka] Nick leaves me feeling profoundly content, relaxed, connected, and filled with gratitude.

5 Stars 04 Jun 2022