Lenny, age 69

I liked the way we communicated and connected. I knew what to expect and got exactly what I wanted, a hot experience. He's even sexier in real life and he smells good too. 100% satisfaction from a great guy. (Name changed to respect confidentiality)

Lenny, age 69

Garrett, age 50

Nick has an easy-going style that is supportive, non-judgmental, and nurturing. He makes you feel special; you are the center of his attention.

He genuinely enjoys what he does which I find empowering as it provides me the license to push through old boundaries. Meeting and Seeing Nick has been the highlight of my year.

I find his style and mannerisms irresistible. He is courteous, playful, curious, attentive, and genuine. He’s also sexy as hell.

I would highly recommend his somatic approach for anyone ready to have fun working through issues or discovering what else is out there that you haven’t tried or had the right partner for.

Nick help me (re)discover the inherently playful nature of sex and that which makes me attractive regardless of age, physique, or experience. He helped renew and accentuate my enthusiasm to explore, be myself, and gain a sense of confidence I never had.

Through our interaction, he helped me find out what I do well, the talents I have, and provided the environment to improve on those skills. He’s opened the door to areas where I have the chance to excel.

He puts me, my pleasures, my happiness as the center of his attention while clearly enjoying the pleasure too.

He helped me realize that my natural gifts or latent talents are strengths that I bring to the bed. He asks questions, provides feedback in a caring manner while also leaving the door wide open for hot and sensual experiences.

Our engagements are intense, primal, playful, light hearted, eventful, and always too short no matter the time spent. I always feel great after seeing Nick.

Nick provided me the chance to be confident around my sexuality. Confidence opens new doors to intense and playful opportunities. Community ideals regarding beauty continue to be our own worst enemy; Nick helps me distance myself from those ego deflators and barriers to fully enjoy and explore my sexuality. I find him an irresistible breath of fresh air. He is honest, earnest, bright, and sexy as hell. (Name changed to respect confidentiality)

Garrett, age 50

Stan, Age 62

Nick Abundance is an answered prayer for those in need of connection and healing.  Meeting him and surrendering to his compassionate care was a blessing that spared me so much disappointment and shame that I have no idea what I did to deserve him!

Coming out of an unhappy three year monogamous relationship (with the last year being essentially celibate) I faced rediscovering my sexuality with great trepidation, as one does when reaching a certain age and not having spent a lot of time at the gym.  But there was something about Nick’s presentation of himself that felt so warm and reassuring I took the chance—and am I ever glad that I did!

There have been problems in the past with my sexual performance and response, so I went into the experience with Nick almost resigned to the fact that this would be just the first step recovering my erotic potential in what would be a long journey.

I could not have been more surprised by the intensity and thoroughness of the release that Nick’s sex magic conjured forth from me in just a couple of hours of playful, but focused action.  Now, a few days later, I still have a sense of relief and a warm glow in my loins, and the tension that had tied my guts in knots for way too long is still long gone.

Nick’s openness and non-judgmental embrace feels like I have made a new friend for life, one who not only cares about my happiness, but has the skills, heart and tools to make it happen. Somehow this beautiful guy is both man and boy, reassuring friend and hot stranger, a companion to go where you want, but also a leader whose wisdom will get you there safely.

Some guys might not feel comfortable making a financial investment in their future fulfillment, but I can attest it has been worth it many times over.  Rather than frittering away more than I could afford in bars and clubs, on bad dates and sullen escorts, putting Nick on my case got me immediate results at a fraction of the cost.

Yeah, I’m a little bit infatuated, but why the hell not?  Life is short, and finding love, pleasure and fulfillment can be difficult.  Spare yourself wasted time and expense and take chance that Nick could heal you too.  Nick can’t be all things to all people, but he can create an awakening for joyful new chapters in your life, and restore your confidence to make your dreams come true. (Name changed to respect confidentiality)

Stan, Age 62

Olivier, Age 58

“For the first time in a long time, I was comfortable with someone in an intimate space, with no fear of being hurt, or not meeting expectations. I could say "I can do this" and enjoy the moment….The feeling is indescribable; it is the true sense of "empowerment." ….your smiles, and patience, and tenderness were an essential part of today's accomplishment. Please accept my thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Every moment of intimacy from here forward will be in part because you helped me reclaim the ability to be intimate with someone. And that's on top of all the outstanding information that you shared…” (Name changed to respect confidentiality)
Olivier, Age 58