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…Every moment of intimacy from here forward will be in part because you helped me reclaim the ability to be intimate with someone…
Olivier, Age 58
Nick Abundance is an answered prayer for those in need of connection and healing.  Meeting him and surrendering to his…
Stan, Age 62
Nick has an easy-going style that is supportive, non-judgmental, and nurturing. He makes you feel special; you are the center…
Garrett, age 50
I liked the way we communicated and connected. I knew what to expect and got exactly what I wanted, a…
Lenny, age 69
Amazing fisting top. 5 Stars. Review from 14 Aug 2017
pdxnodram (RM)
Very educational. Patient teacher. 5 Stars. Review from 23 Oct 2019.
RalphSF (RM)
Had a great time hanging out with Nick! Great sense of humor and an attentive listener and companion. 5 Stars.…
wtraveller (RM)
Great experience, not rushed and very hot! 5 Stars. Review from 24 Aug 2018.
Sportedgewater (RM)
Excellent experience great time. One of the nicest session. Thank you. 5 Stars. Review from 19 Jul 2018.
swimming (RM)
Super nice and sexy guy. Fun to be around. 5 Stars. Review from 17 Aug 2018.
Rinconman (RM)
Passionate , real, fun and reliable. 5 Stars. Review from 01 Aug 2018.
ddgill (RM)
What an amazing experience. First off let me say that he is so much better looking in person than in…
billinpiedmont (RM)
Highly recommended. He definitely knew how to give full satisfaction without being asked. So friendly and perfect for a night.…
BuddyWiser (RM)
A wonderful surprise. He is very personable and very understanding of my needs. He is a great kisser and has…
Bauerschwein (RM)
very intelligent, creative, sexy as hel (sic). beautiful ass. 5 stars review from 21 Dec 2019.
mtbsf (RM)
There are escorts and then there are lovers- Nick is amazing at what he gives and takes. He’s a master.…
Magnum (RM)
Definitely a “highly” recommend.  spoiled us in many ways… We have had several since meeting and…
Bob & Tom
This Rentmen is true to his claim as an ass whisperer! He left me so weak in the knees I…
Wetbottom [RM]
HardHungVersTop is a fantastic guy who is a joy to be around. He is full of positive energy and really…
Travelpig (RM)
…a Confident, Comfortably Authoritative, Deliciously Twisted Daddy Dom, mixed with a sweet sweet baby teddy bear, mixed with a loving protective mamma bear, mixed with a Really Fucking HOT STUD with a Cock that should be preserved for display at the Louvre for future generations? Then mix that wonderbeastlovemonster further w/ a witty, humorous, fun, fun-loving, extremely considerate, thoughtful, interesting & generous, totally approachable guy, who is a most intriguing rascal at that?
jon_hansen (RM)